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Japanese Web Design Search Engine Sites
banner name information
Sozai R
(Sozai Ranking)
There are more than 2000 web design sites registered in this search engine site. The registered sites are divided according to thier atmosphire.
Sozai NAVI You can see lots of banners in a page. There are lots of links according to the parts or atmospheres of the registered sites.
Sozai no mori
(meaning "forest of web designs")
More than 10,000 Japanese visit this site a day. You can search according to the object you are searching for.
Sozai no Wakusei
(meaning "Planet of Web Design")
This search engine is also divided into lots of pages, showing parts or images the sites offer. You can also find tons of photos in this site.
Mystique Design Webring I recommend this site most! Main part of this site is written in Japanese, but English is also used here. I suppose it will make it easier for you to search here. Also as the name represents, this site introduces you lots of wonderful fantasitic mystique web designs.
Material Quest Very beautiful site! You can enjoy just looking the top page and its design. Of course there are lots of sites registered here, too, and lots of them are fantastic.
Janrubetsu Ninki Ranking
(Categorized Ranking)
This site deals with not only web design sites, but also various kinds of sites. There is a big ranking list for each categoriy and you can easily get to the most popular site in each category.
Sozai no Osampo-michi
(meaning "Web Design Promnade")
This site is also a search engine for web designs, but you can make your own banner automatically through this site.
Sozaiya Ranking
(Web Design Sites Ranking)
This site shows a big ranking list. You can see lots of banners for each site, and it'll be easy for you to get to one.
Material Town
(Web design town)
Tons of sites are divided into lots of links according to its atmosphire, parts, and so on. Please click any links in the page, and you'll find lots of websites.
Royal Site Ranking This site is a search engine of site for HTML, web design, and rental counter or BBS. Please click any links and you'll find lots of banners.
Web Sozai Tokkyuubinn
(Web Design Express)
Enter this site and click the link above. You'll find tons of banners for web design sites. Links on the left shows the atomosphire, or parts.
Rinkuru Enter this site and if you click links on the left, other links appears. Click any link and you will get tons of banners.
Mate Mate
(meaning "Material Mate")
There are lots of banners for each web design sites.
Click any links and you'll find more banners.
There is a big long ranking list. Click any banner and you can get to the website.
Wow, I'm a little tired to translate those explanation. For other sites, let me show you only banners. Yeah, I hope you can enjoy visiting those sites, too!
Lovely Material Ring Ring Home
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ランダム サイトリスト
Some of the links above are linked with my ID. If you click such links, you can cheer me up by clicking. Please visit lots of web design sites in Japan from here!

About the computer translating page:
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Tube sites I recommend
Lots of beautiful and wonderful tubes! As they are divided into many categories, you can easily get the tubes you want!
Edda's Tubes Lots of fantastic tubes, such as unicorns, fairies, angels and so on.
Of course there are other categories, too!
Many colorful and elegant tubes! I've used a swanboat tube. I like them.
Lots of cute graphics and tubes!
Lots of wonderful embroidery and lace designs!


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