Anne of Green Gables #4

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SCENE: (馬車にて)
ANNE: Miss Cuthbert, did you really say it or did I only just imagine it?
MARILLA: I haven't said anything yet, young lady, except I want to speak to Matthew. Sending you back to the orphanage is 1)one thing. 2)Handing you over to the likes of Matilda Blewett is another.
ANNE: 3)I'd rather go back to the asylum than live with her. Two sets of twins! Oof. 4)Besides, she looks exactly like a 5)gimlet.
MARILLA: Anne Shirley, 6)you should be ashamed of yourself, speaking of a stranger 7)that way. 8)Hold your tongue and don't criticize your elders.
ANNE: I'll try and do anything and be anything you want, if you'll only keep me, Miss Cuthbert
1) A is one thing. B is another. AとBとは別物だ
2) hand -- over to 〜を〜に手渡す
3) would rather A than B BするよりもAしたい
4) besides (それに)加えて
5) gimlet ねじ切り
6) you should be ashamed of yourself 自分を恥ずべきだ
7) that way そんなふうに
8) hold one's tongue 口をつぐむ
SCENE: (カスバート家の納屋)
MARILLA: Well, aren't you going to say anything, Matthew? I wouldn't give a dog I liked to that Blewett woman. 9)It makes no sense to keep her. But if we did keep her, I'd expect you not to 10)interfere with 11)my methods. An old maid like me may not know much about raising a child, but I know a 12)darn sight more than a old bachelor like you. Oh, she could 13)talk a hind leg of a mule, 14)that's certain. Oh, wouldn't that be a change around here?
9) it makes no sense to... 〜しても無意味だ
10) interfere 干渉する、邪魔をする
11) my methods 私のやり方
12) darn sight = damn sight ずっと、はるかに
13) talk a hind leg of a mule 的を得たおしゃべりをする
14) that's certain それは確かだ
SCENE: (アンの部屋)
MARILLA: Have you said your prayers?
ANNE: I never say any prayers.
MARILLA: What do you mean? Haven't you been taught to say your prayers?
ANNE: Mrs. Hammond told me that God made my hair red 15)on purpose, and I've never 16)cared for him since.
MARILLA: Well, while 17)you are under my roof, you will say your prayers.
ANNE: Why, of course, if you want me to. 18)How does one do it?
MARILLA: Well, you kneel beside the bed.
ANNE: That's the part I never really could understand. Why must people kneel down to pray? If I really wanted to pray, I'd go out into a great, big field, all alone, and I'd look up into the sky. I'd imagine it was the dome of a great cathedral, and then I'd close my eyes and just feel the prayer. 19)What am I to say?
MARILLA: Well, I think your old enough now to 20)think of your own prayer. You 21)thank God for his blessings and then 22)humbly 23)ask him for the things you want.
ANNE: I'll do my best. Dear 24)Gracious, Heavenly Father, I thank you for everything. As for the things I especially want, they're so 25)numerous 26)it would take a great deal of time to mention them all, so I'll just mention the two most important. Please, 27)let me stay at Green Gables. Please, make me beautiful when I grow up. I remain yours respectfully, Anne Shirley, with an "e". Did I do alright?
MARILLA: Yes, if you were 28)addressing a business letter to a catalog store. Get into bed.
ANNE: I should have said Amen instead of yours respectfully. Do you think it will 29)make any difference?
MARILLA: I expect God will 30)overlook it, this time. Good night.
ANNE: Good night, Miss Cuthbert.
MARILLA: That girl is 31)next door to a perfect 32)heathen.
15) on purpose わざと
16) care for 〜を大事に思う
17) while you are under my roof あんたがうちにいる間は
18) How does one do it? どうやるの?(人はそれをどうやってするの?)
19) what am I to say? なんて言えばいいの? be to 〜するべき
20) think of 〜を考え出す
21) thank A for B AにBを感謝する
22) humbly 謙虚に
23) ask for 〜を求める
24) gracious 親切な
25) numerous おびただしい、多数の
26) it would take a great deal of time to...〜するのにすごく時間がかかる
27) let me stay 私を〜にいさせてください
28) address a letter to 〜に手紙を出す
29) make difference 重要である
30) overlook 大目に見る
31) next door to 〜に近い
32) heathan 異教徒
SCENE: (カスバート家キッチン)
ANNE: Good morning, Miss Cuthbert. Where's Matthew?
MARILLA: He had his breakfast hours ago. Been in the fields ever since. Why?
ANNE: I see I'll have to be up before 33)the break of day if 34)I'm to say good morning to Matthew. That is if...
MARILLA: If what?
ANNE: Please, Miss Cuthbert, tell me if you're going to send me back. I 35)made up my mind to be 36)patient, but just can't 37)bear it any longer.
MARILLA: Well, you'll just have to bear it because I simply don't know. I though maybe we'd 38)put it on trial for a while, 39)for all our sakes. 40)Would that suit you?
ANNE: If you think it's necessary, Miss Cuthbert.
MARILLA: I do. You may not be happy with two old 41)grumps like us.
ANNE: I know I would be. I'd be happier than even I can imagine at this present moment.
MARILLA: Come. While you're eating your breakfast, I want you to learn that. You need a little religion in your life 42)as bad as you need 43)fattening up.
ANNE: [reciting the opening lines to the Lord's Prayer] "Our Father, who art in heaven, 44)hallowed be thy name." That is just like a line of music. I'm glad you thought of making me learn this, Miss Cuthbert.
MARILLA: Then learn it, then, and hold your tongue.
ANNE: Yes, ma'am.
33) the break of the day 夜明け
34) be to 〜するつもり
35) make up one's mind to 〜する決心をする
36) patient 辛抱強い
37) bear 我慢する
38) put it on trial それをためしにしてみる
39) for all our sakes 私たちのために
40) Would that suit you? それでいい? suit =要求に合う
41) grump 不平家
42) as bad as =as badly as 〜と同じぐらいひどく
43) fattening up 太ること →太ることと同じぐらい信仰心が必要
44) hallowed 神聖な 
MARILLA: Oh, 45)good Lord, here comes Rachel Lynde. Anne, take that card into the parlor, and then you come back here 46)on your best behavior. I don't want her knowing you're a heathen.
RACHEL: Good morning, Marilla.
MARILLA: Come in, Rachel.
RACHEL: I am shocked at this 47)horrendous mistake I've heard about.
MARILLA: I've 48)gotten over the shock, myself.
RACHEL: Couldn't you have sent her back?
MARILLA: Well, we're still 49)considering on it.
RACHEL: Considering on it? 50)What is there to consider? 51)A boy would have been bad enough but--
MARILLA: This is a friend and neighbor of mine, Mrs. Rachel Lynde. Anne Shirley.
ANNE: How do you do, Mrs. Lynde?
RACHEL: Well, her looks are certainly 52)nothing to consider. I mean she's 53)terribly skinny and 54)homely, Marilla. Come over here, child. 55)Lawful heart! Her hair is as red as carrots!
ANNE: 56)How dare you say I'm skinny and... carrots! You're a rude, impolite, 57)unfeeling woman, and I hate you!
MARILLA: Anne Shirley!
ANNE: 58)How would you like to have nasty things said about you? How would you like to be told that you're fat, and ugly, and a 59)sour old gossip.
MARILLA: Anne Shirley! Anne Shirley, you come back at once and apologize!
RACHEL: 60)Mark my words, Marilla. That's the kind that puts strychnine in the well.
MARILLA: You 61)shouldn't have 62)twitted her about her looks.
RACHEL: Marilla Cuthbert!
MARILLA: I'm not 63)making excuses for her. Perhaps she was never taught what was right, but you were too 64)hard on her, Rachel.
RACHEL: I see I'll have to be very careful what I say from now on. Oh, I'm not 65)vexed, Marilla. 66)I'm too sorry for you to 67)leave any room for anger in my mind. It's obvious to me that the good sense I admire you for 68)left you when that child walked in your door! Goodbye, Marilla. Come down and see me when you can, Marilla, but don't expect me to visit here again if I'm to be treated in such a fashion.
MARILLA: Goodbye, Rachel.
45) good lord! おやまあ!
46) on one's best behavior 行儀良く振る舞う
47) horrendous ものすごい
48) get over the shock ショックを乗り越える
49) consider on 考え続けている
50) What is there to consider 何が考えることがあるの?
51) A boy would have been bad enough 男の子だって十分問題だったのに
52) nothing to consider 考えるべき物でもない
53) terribly skinny 恐ろしくやせている
54) homely 器量の悪い
55) lawful heart! まあ、そうだわね
56) How dare you say... よくも〜な事が言えるわね
57) unfeeling 思いやりのない、冷酷な
58) How would you like to have... 〜だったらどう思う?
59) sour old gossip ひねくれたおしゃべり女
60) mark my words いい? よく聞きなさい
61) shouldn't have PP 〜すべきじゃなかった
62) twit なじる、からかう
63) make excuses for 〜の弁解をする
64) be hard on 〜につらく当たる
65) vexed 困った、いらいらした
66) 〜できないほど〜だ→怒る気もないほどあなたが気の毒だ
67) leave room for 〜の余地がある
68) admire A for B AのBを素晴らしいと思う
→the good sense I admire you for 素晴らしいと思っているあなたの良識
69) leave 去る→なくなった
70) in such a fashion そんな方法で
SCENE: (カスバート家外)
MARILLA: When I said trial, I 71)had no idea you'd 72)take me literally. 73)Of all the people, you would 74)pick on Rachel Lynde.
ANNE: She hadn't any right to say what she did.
MARILLA: Rachel is too 75)outspoken. But she is your elder, a stranger, and my guest, 76)not to mention my friend, all of them very good reasons for you to have 77)bit your tongue. She deserves an apology. You will go to her and you will give it.
ANNE: I can never do that. You can punish me any way you like. You can lock me up in a dark dungeon inhabited by snakes and toads, and feed me on bread and water. I won't complain. But I cannot ask Rachel Lynde to forgive me.
MARILLA: If you expect to remain under my roof, you will apologize to Mrs. Lynde.
ANNE: Then you'll have to send me back.
MATTHEW: Rachel Lynde deserves what she gets.
MARILLA: Matthew Cuthbert, don't 78)form opinions for me. Next you'll be saying she oughtn't be punished at all.
71) have no idea  〜のつもりなどない
72) take someone literally (人)の言うことを文字通りに取り過ぎる
73) of all the people よりによって
74) pick on 〜を選ぶ
75) outspoken ずけずけ言う
76) not to mention 言うまでもなく
77) bit one's tongue 黙り込む、口を閉ざす
78) form opinions for 〜に意見する

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