Anne of Green Gables #3

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MATTHEW: That's Barry's pond.
ANNE: Oh, no. This is the Lake of Shining Waters. That's its 1)rightful name. Do things like this ever give you a 2)thrill, Mr. Cuthbert?
MATTHEW: Well, picking up them ugly 3)white grubs in the cucumber bed.
ANNE: Yes, I can see how that could be very thrilling.
MATTHEW: Woap. Green Gables, yonder.
ANNE: I've 4)pinched myself so many times today to make sure that this was real. But it is real and we're nearly home.
MATTHEW: Gid'yup!
1)rightful 正しい
4)pinch oneself 自分をつねる

ANNE: I'm 5)overwhelmed.
MARILLA: Matthew Cuthbert, who is that?
MATTHEW: It's a girl.
MARILLA: I can see that. Where's the boy?
MATTHEW: There weren't any. Just her. I 6)figured we just couldn't leave her 7)no matter what the mistake was.
MARILLA: You figured? Oh, this is 8)a fine kettle of fish. This is what 9)comes of sending word, 10)instead of going ourselves, Matthew.
ANNE: You don't want me? You don't want me because I'm not a boy? Nobody ever did want me. I 11)might have known this was all 12)too beautiful to be true.
MARILLA: Come, come, now. Don't cry. It is not your 13)fault.
ANNE: This is just 14)the most tragical thing that has ever happened to me.
MARILLA: Well, what's your name?
ANNE: Would you please call me Cordelia?
MARILLA: Call you Cordelia?
ANNE: Don't you think it's a pretty name?
MARILLA: Is that your name?
ANNE: Well, no, it's not exactly my name, though I 15)would love to be called Cordelia.
MARILLA: I don't understand what you mean.
ANNE: Cordelia is a 16)perfectly elegant name.
MARILLA: What is your name child, and no more nonsense?
ANNE: Anne Shirley. 17)Plain, old, unromantic Anne Shirley.
MARILLA: Anne Shirley is a fine and 18)sensible name, and 19)hardly one to 20)be ashamed of.
ANNE: Oh, I'm not ashamed, but if you are going to call me Anne, would you please 21)be sure to spell it with an "e".
MARILLA: What difference does it make how it is spelled?
ANNE: 22)It makes a lot of difference. Print out "A-n-n" and it looks absolutely 23)dreadful, but Anne with an "e" is quite 24)distinguished. So if you'll only call me Anne with an "e", I'll try and 25)reconcile myself 26)to not being called Cordelia.
MARILLA: Very well then, Anne, with an "e", 27)how is it that you happened to be brought and not a boy?
ANNE: 28)If I were very beautiful and had nut-brown hair, would you keep me?
MARILLA: No. We 29)have absolutely no use for a girl. Well, don't stand there 30)gaping. Come along; bring your bag. 31)Now that you're here, I suppose we'll have to put you somewhere tonight. Take off your hat. You must be hungry.
ANNE: I can't eat. I can never eat when I'm in the depths of despair.
MARILLA: The depths of despair?
ANNE: Can you eat when you're that way?
MARILLA: I've never been that way.
ANNE: Can't you even imagine you're in the depths of despair?
MARILLA: No, I can not. To despair is to 32)turn your back on God. This is your room for the night. Wash up and then come down for supper.
ANNE: Yes, Miss Cuthbert.
5)overwhelmed 圧倒される
7)no matter what the mistake was 間違いがどんなものであろうと
8)a fine kettle of fish 困ったこと、やっかいな立場
9)come of 〜の結果である
10)instead of doing〜する代わりに
11)might have known やはり〜だった
12)too beautiful to be true 本当の事にしては美しすぎる
13)fault 過失、落ち度
14)the most (tragical) thing that has ever ... 今までに…した最も(悲劇的)な出来事
15)would love to =would like to ぜひ〜したい 
16)perfectly 完璧に、申し分なく 
17)plain 平凡な
18)sensible 分別のある、ちゃんとした
19)hardly とても〜でない
20)be ashamed of (〜を)恥じる 
21)be sure to 必ず〜する

22)It makes a lot of difference. 大いに違う
23)dreadful ひどい、
24)distinguished 気品のある 
25)reconcile oneself to 〜に甘んじる、あきらめて〜する 
26)to not being called Cordelia コーディリアと呼ばれること
27)how is it that --? どのようにして〜したのか?(強調構文の疑問文) 
28)If I were...would you...? もし私が〜だったら〜しますか?(仮定法過去)
29)have no use 必要がない 
30)gape 口をぽかんと開ける 
31)Now that (今では)〜なのだから 
32)turn one's back on 〜に背を向ける

(カスバート家 台所)
MARILLA: I'm taking her straight over to that Spencer woman in the morning. This girl has to go straight back to the asylum.
MATTHEW: I 33)suppose.  
MARILLA: You suppose, don't you know it?
MATTHEW: She's a nice little thing, Marilla. Seems a 34)pity to send her back; she's so 35)set on staying.
MARILLA: Matthew Cuthbert, I believe this child has 36)bewitched you. I can see 37)plain as plain you want to keep her.
MATTHEW: We could hire a boy, and she can be company for you.
MARILLA: I'm not 38)suffering for company, particularly a girl who 39)prattles on 40)without stopping for breath. She's no good for us. She has to go straight back where she came from.
MATTHEW: Well, we might be of some good to her.

MARILLA: Good night, Anne with an "e".
ANNE: You don't have to say goodnight. It's the worst night I've ever known.
MARILLA: Good night, 41)just the same, child.
ANNE: Goodnight. Miss Cuthbert.
 used to make a statement, request or suggestion less direct or less strong (OALD)とあり、用例として" I could take you in the car, I suppose (but I don't relly want to ) "Can I borrow the car?" "I suppose so"(=Yes, but I'm not happy about it)などと、人の意見・要求に従いたくないとき、反対、あるいはあまり乗り気でないといった状況を表すのに使われる
34)pity 残念なこと 
35)be set on 〜する気になっている
36)bewitch 〜に魔法をかける
37)(as) plain as plain 全く明らか 
38)suffer for 〜で悩む 
39)prattle onつまらないおしゃべりをする
40)without stopping for breath 息をつく間もなく 
41)just the sameそれでもやはり

(カスバート家:外 マリラが馬車を用意している)
MATTHEW: Little Jerry Buote from the Creek was around. I told him I guess I'd 42)hire him on for the summer.
MARILLA: Hurry up, child!
ANNE: Just 43)fixing Green Gables in my memory. 44)In years to come I'm going to 45)look back on Green Gables as a beautiful dream that will always 46)haunt me. Don't you think it's--
MARILLA: You can think about it as you drive along.
ANNE: I shall never forget your kindness, Mr. Cuthbert.

42)hire somone on (人)を雇う
43)fix (記憶を)〜にとどめる 
44)in years to come 何年か後に 
45)look back on 振り返る、回想する
46)haunt つきまとう

MRS. SPENCER: Marilla. Marilla, dear. You're 47)the last person I ever expected to see today. I'd imagine you would be getting Anne 48)settled. How are you Anne?
ANNE: 49)As well as a victim of tragic circumstances can be, Mrs. Spencer.
MARILLA: There seems to be some 50)queer mistake, Sarah. We told Roberta for you to get us a boy.
MRS. SPENCER: Oh, Marilla, 51)you don't say. Well, Roberta distinctly said that you wanted a girl.
MARILLA: I knew I should have gone myself.
MRS. SPENCER: I am dreadfully sorry, Marilla.
MARILLA: I suppose the asylum will take the child back.
MRS. SPENCER: Well, as a matter of fact, Mrs. Blewett was up here yesterday asking me if I could get her a little girl. She has such a large family, you know. Ten children and another one 52)on the way, she's simply beside herself for help.
ANNE: Excuse me, Mrs. Spencer, would there happen to be any twins among them?
MRS. SPENCER: Oh, she has 53)two sets of twins. How did you know, child?
ANNE: Twins seem to be my 54)lot in life.
MRS. BLEWETT: Mrs. Spencer!
MRS. SPENCER: And you'll be just the girl.
MRS. BLEWETT: Mrs. Spencer!
MRS. SPENCER: And, oh, look, there's Mrs. Blewett this blessed minute. I call this 55)positively providential. You, who, Mrs. Blewett. Mrs. Blewett, Anne Shirley. She'll be just the thing for you.
MRS. BLEWETT: Miss Cuthbert.
MARILLA: Mrs. Blewett.
MRS. BLEWETT: How old are you, girl.
ANNE: Thirteen.
MRS. BLEWETT: Ain't much to you, but you're 56)wiry, and I don't know but the wiry ones can work the hardest. I'll expect you to earn your keep, no mistaking that. And I want you to act smart and be 57)respectful. Alright, I'll take her. My twins have been awful 58)fractious these days and I'm terrible 59)worn out.
MARILLA: Well, now, I don't know. I feel I oughtn't make a decision until I speak to Matthew. I'll just take her home again and talk to him. Good afternoon, ladies.

47)the last person SV SがVするなんて思ってもみなかった(SがVする最後の人)
48)settle 落ち着く
49)as well as 〜も同然
50)queer 奇妙な 
51)you don't say まさか!
52)on the way 妊娠して 
53)two sets of twins二組の双子 
54)lot 運命、宿命
55)positively providential 全く神意による、幸運な 
56)wiry 細いが筋金入りの 
57)respectful 礼儀正しい 
58)fractious 手に負えない、むずがる 
59)be worn out 疲れ切っている

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