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( Bright River 駅)
STATION MASTER: Are you waiting for someone, Miss?
ANNE: I am, thank you.
STATION MASTER: Would you prefer to sit in the ladies' waiting room?
ANNE: No, I prefer to sit here. There's so much more 1)scope for the imagination. 2)Thank you just the same.
STATION MASTER: As you like, Miss.

1) scope 余地、自由  2) Thank you just the same.とにかくありがとうございます。 3) as you like お好きなように

( レイチェル・リンドの家)
RACHEL: Thomas! Isn't that Matthew Cuthbert driving that buggy?
THOMAS : 4)Appears to be.
RACHEL: Well, he never goes to town this time of year, and he never wears a suit except in church.
THOMAS LYNDE: Maybe he's going 5)courting.
RACHEL: Don't be so 6)utterly ridiculous, Thomas. He's not going fast enough for a doctor. Oh, my afternoon is 7)spoiled! 8)I won't have a moment's peace until I know what that man is 9)up to. Wearing his suit. Marilla is 10)simply going to have to explain all this.

4) appear to be 〜であるように見える(ここが何度聞いてもappears to beに聞こえません。heres to beに聞こえます (;_;)
5) courting 求婚 6)utterly ridiculous 全くばかげている 7)spoiled台無しにされる 8) I won't have a monment's peace until -- 〜するまでは一瞬の安らぎもない 9) be up to 〜しようとして→what that man is up to.あの人が何をしようとしているのか  10) simply 絶対に、本当に

RACHEL: You, hoo. Marilla.
MARILLA: Ah, Rachel, good morning. And how are all *the Lyndes?
RACHEL: Oh, we're 11)alright as rain, Marilla, but I was kind of worried about you when I saw your brother drive by just now.
MARILLA: Oh, I'm fine. Just fine. 12)Appreciate the concern, though.
RACHEL: But he was in his suit and smoking his pipe.
MARILLA: Well, I don't mind 13)so long as he smokes his pipe in the great outdoors and not in my kitchen.
RACHEL: He was in his suit.
MARILLA: Yes, Rachel.
RACHEL: Well, Matthew never goes to town this time of year.
MARILLA: Matthew wasn't going to town.
RACHEL: Oh, 14)don't keep me in such suspense.
MARILLA: He was going to Bright River. We're getting a little boy from an orphanage in Nova Scotia, and he's coming in on the afternoon train.
RACHEL: A boy! 15)You can't be serious. Well, you don't know anything about raising children. 16)What ever put such an idea into your head?
MARILLA: Well, Matthew's 17)getting along in years. He's not as 18)spry as he once was and his heart bothers him greatly. Mrs. Spencer was up here before Christmas and said she was getting a little girl from the Hopeton Asylum in the spring. Matthew and I 19)gave it good consideration. So, we 20)sent word to her by her niece, Roberta, to tell her to bring us a boy home while she was at it.

*the Lyndes =リンド家のみなさん
11)alright as rain ←as right as rain 全く申し分なくて、とても順調で 12) Appreciate the concern 心配してくれてありがとう 13) so long as 〜する限り 14) don't keep me in such suspense 気をもませないで←in suspence 気をもんで 15) you can't be serious 冗談でしょ 16) what ever put such an idea into your head? いったい誰があなたにそんな考えを思いつかせたの? 17) get along in years 年を取る 18) spry 〔特に老人が〕活発な、元気な 19) give it good consideration それをじっくりと考える 20) send word 伝言する

RACHEL: 21)I shall be surprised at nothing after this. Nothing.
MARILLA: We told her to 22)fix us up with a little boy, eleven or twelve; old enough to do the 23)chores, and young enough to be brought up properly.
RACHEL: You know I 24)pride myself on 25)speaking my mind. And let me tell you, I think you are doing a 26)mighty risky thing. I wish you'd consulted me first. Well, it was just last week, I read in the paper where a couple took a boy from an orphan asylum and he set fire to their house at night, 27)on purpose. 28)Burnt them to a crisp in their beds.
MARILLA: Well, I won't say that I haven't had my 29)qualms, Rachel. But Matthew was so terrible determined and it's so seldom that he 30)sets his mind on anything that I felt I had to 31)give in.
RACHEL: And there was another case, six months ago over in New Brunswick, where an asylum child put 32)strychnine in the well and the entire family died, in agony. Only, it was a girl in that 33)instance.
MARILLA: Well, we are not getting a girl.

21) I shall be surprised at nothing after this.この後は何にも驚かない→こんな驚いた話はない  22) fix up with〜の手配をする 23) chore雑用 24) pride onself on 〜を誇る 25) speak one's mind 思ったことを口に出す 26) mighty とてつもなく、恐ろしく 27) on purpose わざと 28) burn to a crisp カリカリに焼く 29) qualm 不安 30) set one's mind on〜しようと心に決める  31) give in 譲歩する、折れる  32) strychnine ストリキニーネ 33) instance 場合、例

(Bright River 駅 屋外)
STATION MASTER: Oh, 34)how do, Matthew?
MATTHEW: Hello, Angus. Is the afternoon train 35)due soon?
STATION MASTER: Well, been and gone a half an hour ago. There was a passenger 36)dropped off for you. She's waiting for you on the platform.
STATION MASTER: Not to worry, Matthew. I don't think she bites.
MATTHEW: Well, it's a boy I've come for.
STATION MASTER: Oh, she won't have any trouble explaining. She has a tongue of her own.

34)How do? どうだい?  35)due 到着予定で 36) drop off 置いていく、おろす 

ANNE: I suppose you're Mr. Matthew Cuthbert. My name is Anne Shirley. Anne is spelled with an "e." I was beginning to be afraid you weren't coming for me today, so I made up my mind to climb up that big, wild cherry tree and wait for you till morning. It would be lovely to sleep in a cherry tree all 37)silvery in the moonshine, don't you think?
MATTHEW: Oh, yes it would. I mean, no. I mean, there's been a big mistake.
ANNE: Oh, no, there's no mistake; not if you're Mr. Matthew Cuthbert. You are Mr. Matthew Cuthbert, aren't you? Mrs. Spencer told me to wait right here for you, and so I've done, most pleasantly I must say. Oh, this is beautiful country you have here, Mr. Cuthbert.
MATTHEW: I'm sorry I was late.
ANNE: No, no, that's fine, thank you. It's very light and thin, like me. I better 38)hold on to my bag. If it isn't carried in a certain way, the handle falls off. I mastered the 39)trick of it on my journey. It's a very old carpet bag. Not at all the sort of luggage I imagine the Lady of Shallott would travel with, but of course hers would be 40)suited to a 41)horse-drawn 42)pavilion and not a train.

37)silvery 銀白色の 38) hold on to 〜を離さない、〜を持ち続ける 39)trick こつ 40) be suited to 〜にふさわしい 41)horse-drawn 馬にひかれた 42)pavilion テント

(馬車にて 道)
ANNE: Oh, I'm very glad you've come, even if it would have been nice to sleep in a wild cherry tree. We've got a long piece to drive yet, haven't we. Oh, I'm glad, because I love driving. It seems so wonderful that I'm gonna live with you and belong to you. I've never really belonged to anyone before, and the asylum was the worst place I've lived in yet. Mrs. Spencer said it was 43)wicked of me to talk like that, but I don't mean to be wicked. It's just so easy 44)to be wicked without knowing it, isn't it? Am I talking too much? Oh, people are always telling me I do, and I can stop if I make up my mind to do it.
MATTHEW: You can talk all you like. I don't mind.
ANNE: Oh, I know you and I are going to get along just fine, Mr. Cuthbert.

43)wicked 悪意のある、不道徳な、性格の悪い
it was wicked of me to... (性格を現す形容詞の時にはforではなくofを使用)
44) to be wicked without knowing it 知らないで意地悪をする

(海辺の道 )
ANNE: 45)I love this place already. I always heard that Prince Edward Island was the most beautiful place in Canada, and I used to imagine I was living here. This is the first dream that has ever come true for me. It's always been one of my dreams to live by the sea. These red roads are so 46)peculiar. When we got into the train at Charlottetown and the red roads began to 47)flash past, I asked Mrs. Spencer what made them red, and she said she didn't know and 48)for pity's sake not to ask her anymore questions. Dreams don't often come true, do they Mr. Cuthbert? Just now, I feel pretty nearly perfectly happy. I can't feel exactly perfectly happy because, what color would you call this?
ANNE: Red. That's why I can't ever be perfectly happy. I know I'm skinny and a little freckled and my eyes are green. I can imagine I have a beautiful 49)rose-leaf 50)complexion and lovely, starry violet eyes, but I cannot imagine my red hair away. It'll be my life-long sorrow. I read of a girl in a novel once who was 51)divinely beautiful. Have you ever imagined what it must be like to be divinely beautiful? Oh, I have often. Which would you rather be? Divinely beautiful, or 52)dazzlingly clever, or angelically good?
MATTHEW: Well, I don't know.
ANNE: Neither do I. I know I'll never be angelically good; Mrs. Spencer says I talk so much that...

45)I love this place already. この場所がもう好きになった 46) peculiar 変わっている  47) flash past 通り過ぎる 48) for pity's sake=for mercy's sakeお願いだから 49)rose-leaf バラ色の(文字通りには「バラの葉」だが、実際にはバラの花びらや新芽の淡いピンク色を指す) 50)complexion 肌の色、顔色
51) divinely 神々しく  52) dazzlingly目も眩むほど 

ANNE: Mr. Cuthbert. Mr. Cuthbert, what is this place called?
MATTHEW: The Avenue. Pretty, ain't it?
ANNE: Pretty doesn't seem the right word to use. Nor beautiful either; it don't go far enough. It is wonderful. Wonderful. They shouldn't call this lovely place, "The Avenue"! There's no meaning in a name like that. They should call it, "White Way of 53)Delight." It's far more 54)glorious than I could ever have imagined.

53) delight 歓喜  54)glorious 壮麗な、美しい

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